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corporate designers

We are a diverse creative-hub with access to different (corporate)cultures — our view of the word is individual and as unique as each network-entity. Since we are an advertising agency network our creative-horizon reconfigures with every new team-constellation.


KISS Design.

Keep it simple and smart (KISS) – We create original Content (Designs, Images, Illustrations, Motion Graphics/Videos, Code and Texts) and think about new ways distributing it.


CDN workflow

We are there –
where you are.

You interact in real time with cdn – on different projects – at the same time. Our Online-Tool-Set puts you in the drivers seat of a full fledged advertising agency network. You decide on the depth of involvement and get a first hand view on project progress.


Simplicity is the
ultimate sophistication.


cdn –
the creative hub

The Virtual Space is our home. Our working environment jumpstarts us into productivity — no overhead costs — just creative energy.

cdn is situated in heart the of Germany but we are not limited to an office — we change our creative environment to suit our needs — it can be Café, Restaurant, Park, High Speed Train or the Virtual Space.


Founder & CEO


CEO and Creative Consultant – As founder of corporate designers network (cdn) he brings more than 15 years of experience as CEO, Project Manager and Consultant to the creative network. Among others he worked with the German American Chambers of Commerce (GACC) and private companies on advertising/marketing projects.

»A creative network is a powerful tool – specialists working together to suit specific client needs – evolving corporate identity and corporate design on every level of client communication.« 




Graphic Designer 


A creative Graphic Designer – She graduated at the University of Applied Sciences, Potsdam (Germany). As Graphic Designer she is a specialist for Visual Identity. Among others she worked with advertising agencies and private companies on Corporate Design, print products (brochures etc.) and webdesign.

»I'm driven by the passion to give vague thoughts, idea sketches and raw content a visual identity.« 





A passionate Photographer and Photoartist – She graduated at the »Lette Verein« in Berlin, one of Germany's leading schools in Photodesign. Among others she worked for many years in Paris (France), Mallorca/Santanyí (Spain), Hamburg (Germany), Berlin (Germany) and has published her Artwork in international exhibitions and books. 

»Technique is the starting point, emotions the climax and then click!« 




motion designer


A specialist for Motion Design – He graduated at the Georg-August-University, Göttingen (Germany) and the SAE institute for creative media Berlin (Germany). He is specialized on the production and creation of short-films and animations.  Among others he worked with advertising agencies and private companies on ads, music-videos, documentries and corporate presentations. 

»It's important to me to have a deep understanding of the technologies I'm using. It is a key component of my work and gives the client a state of the art visual appearance.« 



An inspired Writer and Concepter – He graduated at the Georg-August-University, Göttingen (Germany). As graduate in social anthropology, he has sound expertise in the correlations between corporate or personal culture, emotion and collaborative productivity. Among others he worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC Hamburg, Germany) as auditor for sustainability and social responsibility.

»As people tell stories they not merely communicate, they invent themselves, their counterpart, their lives. Writing is putting visons into words, emotions into hearts and projects into work« 



An imaginative Illustrator and Typographer – He graduated at the HAWK University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Hildesheim (Germany). With his profound knowledge of Corporate Identity he creates illustrative artwork to simplify and support the clients message. Among others he worked with private companies on illustrations for magazines, books, posters and has created typefaces to suit corporate needs.

»Typography – a single letter – can express a whole philosophy. Sometimes it is simple as that.« 

We love what we do
and do what we love.